Amazing Performances at Birthday Parties and other Events
For 8 to 12 Year Olds

With just the right balance of fun interaction and big tricks for 8 to 12 year olds, James will amaze your group and leave them laughing!
(Adults, too!)
Fun Performances include:
• World Class Juggling
• Fun Comedy and Interaction
• The special boy or girl takes the stage!
• Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo) tricks
• Juggling timed to Music
• Bowling Ball and Sports Spectacular!
Options include:
• Interactive DJ Services keep the party going!
• Light Show Finale for Evening Events
• Fire Juggling Outdoors
• Weapons Juggling as appropriate for the age group

See the Juggler in Action!
More Details for Your Party:

The show will entertain all ages at the party, so you'll have fun, too!
The show runs 45 minutes with one on one interaction and photo ops for a full hour of entertainment.
Sound is included. 16(W)x12(D)X10(H) feet of space is needed to include all tricks except fire.
For 8-12 year olds, the full performance with an extra hour of interactive DJ activites is usually recommended. This age group really likes to get involved and this option gives them that opportunity, creating an unforgettable party!
DJ Services add full music library, limbo stick, hula hoops, and more fun contests and interaction, keeping all the kids busy and entertained for two hours or more!
The Light Show is great as an indoor finale or a full light and fire show outside after dark and simply requires a dark area. Add DJ time afterwards to make it a GLOW party with dance floor lights and cool glow prizes for contest winners!
Fire juggling is outdoors only, with nothing flammable within 15 feet (including the audience) and nothing overhead. Schedule the show to end just after sunset to make this even more amazing!
Add learn to juggle time after the show for groups of up to 40 at a time.
Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can bring you unforgettable entertainment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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