Amazing Visual

Fun Interaction

Perfectly timed to Music

Dangerous Fire!

LED Light and Fire Show

LED Glow props are great for a stage show finale or evening strolling. Fire Juggling make a beautiful finale outdoors. But, if you are looking for an outdoor after dark performance, you can combine these two elements for an amazing and unique show that will give any age group an unforgetttable experience.
The Show Includes
Amazing Glow Juggling! - Stunning LED glow visual with large rings, juggling clubs, diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) and more timed beautifully to music.
Comedy - With great jokes and hilarious audience participation, you'll laugh and be amazed!
Fire Juggling - Fire Poi spin through the air. Fire juggling creates an amazing and fun finale that incliudes the FIRE AXE!

LED Glow Poi

Book a Dangerously FUN Glow and Fire Show and soon you too will be saying...
"The best was left for last with your magnificent Light Show. Congratulations on a colorful, fun & exciting show!"
"James is a fantastic performer and the best juggler I've ever seen!"
"the light show left them breathless."
"The room was full of laughter, gasps, applause, and many Oooohs! Aaahs!"
"You will not only enjoy his act, you will enjoy him."
"I thought your timing and the acts blend beautifully with the music. The whole show was very impressive!”

Fire Juggling

More Details This peroformance is best in a dimly lit outdoor area. For safety with fire, fifteen feet from anything flammable with nothing overhead is needed. Need to start before dark? Combine the Dangerously Fun tricks from the daytime show with glow and/or fire after dark. The Dangerously FUN Glow and Fire is a performance your audience will never forget. Sound is provided for a no hassle, all inclusive experience.
Call 602-327-2001 or click to discuss and get more details on how James can help make your event unforgettable.

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona James Reid is a Comedy Juggler available to entertain throughout the Southwest.