Lifelong Passion



Joyful and Professional

A Life of Juggling

James’ love of juggling began in 1982 when he first saw a juggler in Tempe, Arizona. Mesmerized, James asked for a lesson. Less then six months later James had his first performance. So began James’ love of entertaining.

Since then he has acumulated vast experience including:
Over 1,000,000 People Entertained
Over 40,000 hours of juggling practice
Over 10,000 hours on stage
Thousands of students taught to Juggle
Dozens of Television Appearances
One thing that matters- putting on the best possible show, everytime.

Important Milestones Include:
June, 1982 Learned to Juggle
October 31st, 1982 First Performance (Awakenings School, Tempe, AZ)
October, 1983 First Retirement Community performance with the Tempe Mime Theater at Friendship Village
April, 1984 First solo appearance at Tempe Festival of the Arts
Summer, 1984 First Television appearance with Bill Rosz, Channel 5
June, 1985 Learned to Yo-Yo
June, 1988 First Juggling and Yo-Yo Classes taught
1990 Learned Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo)
1995 Learned Poi Swings
October, 2000 Debut Light show Performance
October, 2002 Juggling becomes full time job!
December 2003 First Company Holiday Party for Ohlinger Industries. Many more every year since!
January, 2004 First of 10 Appearances at Glendale Glitter and GLOW!
August, 2006 Performed for 6000 Freshmen at ASU
May, 2007 Recieved standing ovation for opening the Governor’s awards at The University Theatre at Yale
September, 2008 First Fair appearance at The Cochise County Fair
October, 2009 first of five appearances at The Graham County Fair
December, 2010 First of over 20 Appearances at Mesa Arts Center
October, 2011 Married Janet Selby of Tranquility Therapeutic Massage
October, 2013 Appeared at Alubuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
2016, Appeared in Sneaky Big Studios TV Commercial (see here)

Insured - Experienced - Professional - FUN!
Based in Phoenix, Arizona James Reid is a Comedy Juggler available to entertain throughout the Southwest.