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School Programs

James Reid has performed at many Schools across Arizona. With over 40 years experience, James deliveres a personal, fun, and interactive show that keeps all ages amazed and laughing!
Whether you are planning a large assembly or a smaller program, Juggling and More FUN! is the perfect show for you. Participation is unlimited, with amplification provided for up to 1000 included (works best presented to one side of a gym). This performance is for all ages and can also be designed for specific age groups. With more fun physicality for younger groups and more big tricks for older students, from pre-school to high school, your audience will laugh and be amazed! Participation gets everyone involved as all are invited to join Team FUN, choose which sports are juggled, and get a sticker after the show. Check out the video of the show and scroll down for extra options like:
• Educational Themes
• Juggling Lessons after the show
• Interactive DJ Entertainment for fun events!
• Strolling Entertainment

School Juggler

Book James for your School and soon you too will be saying...
“As I looked on, clearly all ages were totally immersed in the performance for the duration!"
"James is a fantastic performer and the best juggler I've ever seen."
“You are a talented entertainer, and you put on a captivating show that we look forward to seeing again in the future."
"Super funny and interactive with an audience, and he does a wonderful job of incorporating themes"
"Juggling the sports equipment was a big hit and of course the light show left them breathless."
"Thank you for presenting a wonderful, educational and entertaining program."

Yo-Yo Entertainer

School Assemblies Are always high energy and lots of FUN! You can also include great themes. The TEAM FUN look and theme promotes team values like integrity, respect, and enthusiasm along with fun sports tricks throughout the show. Everyone participates and can get a TEAM FUN sticker at the end of program.
Juggling Adventures takes a journey around the world to explore the countries and cultures where James' many arts orginated, including juggling in Egypt, Yo-Yos in Greece, Clubs in India, Hula Hoops in Australia, and more!
Science Juggling and Yo-Yo are great for exploring concepts like gravity and gyroscopic force. Looking for something specific? James is flexible to work with you and juggling can work as a great metaphor for many topics.

Scarf Jugglers

Lessons are fun to add after a show, especially for extended day programs. Take the excitement from a show and channel it into an educational activity that increases focus, coordination, and studies show that it actually grows both grey and white matter in the brain!
Add an hour after the show for:
• Scarf Lessons for K and up, up to 35 participants
• Beanbag Lessons for Grade 4 and up, up to 35 participants
Lessons run for about 45 minutes, and multiple lessons may be added for multiple groups, so they are flexible to the number of participants.
The brain building benefits of juggling are no joke. Click here for a good article that mentions several of the studies.

DJ Entertainment

DJ Entertainment Package For School Festivals, Carnivals, PTO Events, and School Dances, James offers a great combination of DJ Services and Entertainment. DJ entertainment includes clean, upbeat music and fun activities like line dances, the limbo, hula-hooping, sack races, and more games and contests including prizes. The show is adaptable, with a 30 minute performance being best for most events. If your event has a lot of people coming and going, make it a couple shorter shows! Add amazing GLOW tricks after dark. Strolling entertainment is great for greeting people as they arrive and provides an unforgettable photo op with the kids.
Your event is covered!

More Details: Full show requires 16'(W)x12'(D)x10'(H) of space to include all tricks. Full sound is provided for a hassle-free experience, covers audience up to 1000. Assemblies are best presented to one side of gym bleachers.

Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can help make your School event unforgettable.

Insured - Experienced - Professional - FUN!
Based in Phoenix, Arizona James Reid is a Comedy Juggler available to entertain throughout the Southwest.